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What’s the Difference between Contemporary Homes and Modern Homes?

Many people think that the words “modern” and “contemporary” are interchangeable and can be used to describe each other. But, while many thesauruses do consider these two words as synonyms, they do have differences, particularly when used to describe houses. What are modern homes? Modern homes have designs that break free from the styles that were in vogue during the …

forest fire

How Does the Fort McMurray Fire Impact the Building Industry?

The Fort McMurray fire has made the oil sands boomtown famous throughout the world. But the reality of the incident is sobering: more than 80,000 people have been evacuated  where immediate return to their houses (or what’s left of them) may not be possible as the fire is not fully contained. In Fort McMurray alone, 10 percent of the infrastructure …


Live in Kelowna!

Lately the news has been filled with the rising prices of Vancouver housing. This year Vancouver was ranked as the third least affordable housing market in the world. However, this has not hindered the purchasing of homes and condos. In fact, the opposite has occurred as houses and condos are selling within days of being put on the market.  Bidding …

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10 Ways Kelowna Has Changed In The Last 10 Years

Considering the city’s population has grown by nearly 20% in the last 10 years, it’s no wonder the lakeside city of Kelowna has changed as much as it has. A blossoming tech sector, revitalized downtown, changing infrastructure, an acclaimed university, a surge in housing development—these are all features of a city that is rapidly expanding


Wilden “Rockford” Show Home For Sale

Designed to embrace “nature inspired living” and the sought after Okanagan Lifestyle. This open concept design was created for level living where indoor and outdoor spaces are in perfect harmony. Reminiscent of a beach home, this family friendly layout creates a feeling of retreat while you’re at home in the beautiful Okanagan. – 16 x 32 foot Pool – Large …