5 Myths on Contemporary Home Construction

People were right when they said you shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear. This is especially true in home construction, where the wrong belief can lead to expensive problems. Can you imagine breaking down a newly completed house because there were structural issues that stem from myths? Before you build a house with a modern design, you should know the misconceptions behind it.

Modern house plans are usually characterized by open floor plans, forward-thinking design ideas, and the use of less-traditional construction materials, such as steel, glass and concrete, instead of wood and stone. By someone’s exaggeration or misinformation, myths about modern designs were born.

Modern Home Design Misconceptions

Myth#1: Modern design is cold, sterile and stark

Glass and steel are often associated with cold and dull interiors, as they make you shiver just looking at a space that lacks the warmth of wood and the inviting look of thick carpets. Keeping the color scheme to one or two-tones also feel sterile, like a hospital. But what most people don’t know is that modern design is not restricted to conventions, or minimal all the time. It doesn’t follow a strict set of rules either, leaving plenty of room for customization. Done right, using glass, steel and concrete would result in a calm and relaxing environment.

Myth#2: Less is more

Remember minimalism? We’ve already established that it is not the basis of modern designs, which means the idea that less is more doesn’t always apply to a contemporary home construction. The right concept is more can be less. Between one chandelier and five pendant lights, for example, you will be able to save more with the latter, and use the fixtures more efficiently.

Myth#3: Dark colors don’t have the room in small spaces

It’s an age-old belief that using dark colors in small areas would make them look smaller than they already are. This is why people stick to neutral and lighter shades to create the illusion of space. In modern home construction, however, dark colors can add a dramatic effect in well-lit rooms. They also provide an amazing backdrop for focal points.

Myth#4: Clutter must be avoided

Living a simple and clutter-free life is minimalism applied to your daily existence. Clutter, after all, is believed to complicate life, and modern living is about simple living. While this is true to some extent, some clutter may be something you’d like to keep. You wouldn’t want to throw away your collection of shoes or bags because of a misconception, right? What you can do to simplify your life in a modern home is to organize, and have innovative storage space and shelf components for your beloved clutter.

Myth#5: Never mix metal and wood

Yes, modern home construction often involves the use of glass and steel, but there is  no strict set of rules to be followed. So the same ideas still stands – your home should reflect your personal preference and style. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors, construction materials, and patterns into a modern interior and exterior design.