An Eye on the Environment

The environment and how it is affected by the construction of homes and buildings is important and has become a concern in our landscaping. As we know Kelowna is a beautiful place that reaches extremely hot and dry temperatures throughout the summer. Therefore, water is used excessively to maintain the exterior appeal and landscaping of each home. Although Kelowna is surrounded by many lakes, reservoirs, etc. to support our lawn maintenance it is important that we do not over use and waste this water.

Rykon has teamed up with Alden, owner of Pinnacle Landscaping, who offers a new device that controls our water use. This device can go by many names such as Blossom, Hydrawise, Lono, etc. These devices work the same as older model irrigation controllers except now are connected to your internet using wifi. This allows the controller to “automatically adjust watering schedules based on forecast temperature and rainfall based on the weather in your area” (Hydrawise Product). The product is easy to use as it can be controlled from your smart phone anywhere in the world. With this new device water control is easy where no water is wasted and as a result reduces monthly bills. Rykon is proud to share this new feature and looks forward to see what other ways our company can become more environmentally friendly in the future.