Association With Travelers Remains Strong


Over the past 12 years Rykon has proudly offered all clients a home warranty program in association with the Travelers Insurance Company of Canada. The 2/5/10 year warranty program offers important protection for homeowners after they construct a new home with Rykon. The security and peace of mind delivered by the warranty provider Travelers and the reputable builder is something that should not be taken for granted. The relationship between Travelers and Rykon has never been stronger as clients continue to receive some of the best warranty coverage available on their new home.  Rykon clients can rest assured for years to come.

Recently, Travelers released the following statement regarding the association between the companies:

“For the past 12 years Travelers Insurance Company of Canada has been pleased to be associated with Rykon Construction Management.  Rykon Construction Management is a company that has built a reputation of quality, transparency, and accountability.  A good understanding of the importance of customer relations has kept Rykon Construction at the top of the list in terms of new home warranty service.  Travelers Insurance Company of Canada is pleased to be partners in the construction process with Rykon.   An overall team work approach has been key to the success of both Travelers Canada and Rykon Construction Management.” 


Travelers Insurance Company of Canada