Construction Process

At Rykon Construction, we are experts in creating your dream custom built home with the highest quality materials and workmanship while maintaining sensible control of construction budgets. We pride ourselves in getting the most for your money while making sure the important details that result in a high-quality home, are not overlooked. We have developed a unique design and construction program we call ‘Home Steps’ to help you oversee your new home construction from the earliest design stages onward through each phase of planning and construction. It’s just one more reason Rykon Construction is considered one of the finest builders in the Okanagan today.

The Home Steps program is a phased series of checklists and considerations. It helps walk you through the planning and construction of your new home in advance. It is divided into categories from start to finish.

This series of categories is phased in such a way that it enables our construction team to keep your home construction moving at a pace necessary to meet the deadline for the day you move in. You will work closely with one of our Project Managers to complete Home Steps and realize your dream of your new home. Rykon Construction will provide a preliminary cost estimate based on your plans and considerations.

The build-out time is divided into easily understood phases that lead up to the day you take possession of your new home.

  • Where should I live?

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  • Find & purchase a lot

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  • Design your home plan

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  • Define the spec

    Home finishing, flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc

  • Create a budget

    Define your “must haves” and wants

  • The construction team

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  • Sign a contract & deposit

  • Approval

  • Permits

    We can take care of permits to help create a stress free experience

  • Breaking ground

  • Products for the home

    Our suppliers expertise have a great eye for design. Read More

  • Fine tune interior design

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Move In

Well before our clients are assisted in conducting a pre-occupancy inspection of their new custom home, Rykon Construction project managers undertake quality control checks at each stage of construction. Our objective is to ensure all of our highest standards have been met in every aspect of your new home’s construction.

Then, as part of Rykon’s Home Steps program, our clients’ are assisted by a representative in a pre-occupancy inspection as well. Rykon Construction will take the time to present all final documentation and warranties and explain general care, maintenance and service instructions for your custom-built residence.