Deciding where to build

You’re finally ready to build your dream home but unsure where to build or how to select a design with the features you want.

Worry not! Rykon is here to help you find a lot, select a floor plan, and build a home with everything on your wish list — in premier locations from Peachland to Predator Ridge.

Perhaps you have a specific street or area already in mind. If not, here are some things to consider when scouting out the ideal location for your new custom home.

Proximity to family and friends

Do you have a large extended family you’d like to live near (or a reasonable distance away from)? Will you be hosting lots of visitors? Consider these things when determining where you’ll live in relation to amenities like the airport, golf courses, and beaches.


Do you have children who will be starting elementary school and progressing on to secondary school and college? Or perhaps you’re an empty nester who would prefer to live far, far away from schools and the noise and traffic they generate. These too are important factors to consider when selecting a construction site for your new custom home.


Give some thought to your lifestyle and the things you enjoy. If you crave stimulation then you’ll probably want to choose a neighbourhood near shopping, culture, restaurants and the downtown core. You may also want to consider the location of churches, gyms, recreation, and medical facilities like the hospital and specialists.


Nothing is far away when you live in Kelowna, however that doesn’t mean location and commuting time doesn’t come into play. Perhaps you fly for business and would like to live close to the airport or are retired and prefer to be surrounded by golf courses you can walk to. These are also important considerations when selecting a premium Kelowna building site for your new custom home.

Where is your favourite place to live in the Okanagan?