Geo vs. Gas

One of the more common questions today in our office is whether to heat your home with Geothermal or Gas. It is a constant debate that often ends up in a coin flip as costs are very similar and pros and cons outweigh each other to form a virtual stalemate. At Rykon we have been very fortunate to work with excellent trades that deliver quality, reliable systems. Sometimes this makes it even tougher on clients as the choice becomes a tough one to make. Let’s weigh the options and put all the facts on the table.

First let’s start with conventional Gasgas
The pros:
– The price of gas remains low at $3.29/ MMbtu (Bloomberg Report)
– Gas furnaces are historically reliable and can last for years with proper maintenance and upkeep
– Sufficiently heats your home if all is working properly
– Convenience of heating the furnace, running a fireplace, or even cooking with gas
– Capacity to heat small and large homes

The cons:
– With gas being a commodity there is potential for a spike in prices
– If a pilot light is out there can be a sudden drop in temperature in the home

Secondly, let’s look at GeothermalGeo Loop Types
The pros:
– Environmentally friendly form of heating and cooling
– Consistent temperature control throughout the home
– Very low gas costs
– Incredibly efficient, reliable technology
– Capacity to heat small and large homes
– Home rebate opportunities

The cons:
– Electrical supplementation when geo can not account for a temperature spike
– Additional utility bill
– Loop rental fee

The ultimate decision of choosing geo or gas for a home comes down to the consumers feeling. The prices are often very close and without conducting a long term study, can be inherently difficult to predict.

At Rykon we always encourage clients to do their due diligence to determine what is better for their lifestyle. Many consumers form opinions based on second hand information that is not always accurate. The truth is in the research and spending some time considering the differences is worth it in this case.

April 2013