How Do You Go About Roof Maintenance?

Making sure the roof above your head is in good condition is one of the best ways to guarantee that the roof will stay exactly where it’s supposed to be. Considering that it is exposed to harsh elements day in and day out, proper maintenance and care must be done regularly. With proper roof maintenance, you won’t have to worry each and every time there’s a downpour or a storm.

What exactly does roof maintenance mean?

It involves more than just minor fixes and periodic cleaning. Roof maintenance also means taking preventive measures to ensure damage and repairs are avoided. The entire process involves visual inspection carried out by professionals. Yes, if you want your roof to provide leak-proof coverage, you need a trained eye to identify possible and existing problems.

Some parts of the roof that must be examined and maintained are the roof membrane, roof insulation, roof surface penetrations (e.g. vent pipes, pitch pans, gravel stops), roof decking, traffic walkways, and flashings.

When should you carry out roof maintenance?

Regular cleaning and evaluation will increase the longevity and integrity of your home’s roof. Performing a roof inspection at least twice a year, particularly at the end of winter and right after summer, is highly recommended.

But there are instances when emergency repairs and maintenance must be done. Call a repairman or bring out your tools when shingles are missing, when the edges of shingles are curling, the flashing is peeling, gutters are sagging, and when you find a wet spot in your ceiling or attic. Do the same after any unusual occurrences, such as high winds or a heavy storm.

When should you hire a professional?

A more important question would be how confident are you of your handyman skills? DIY roof maintenance, such as removing debris or nailing down loose shingles, can only go so far. When it’s time to start walking on top of the roof and doing major repairs, you should hire a professional repairman. Don’t allow just about anyone up on your roof for practical and safety reasons. Someone untrained and uninsured is an accident waiting to happen. And when that accident happens, you could be held liable.

So whenever roof maintenance and repair are beyond your scope, call on professionals for help. Make sure they are insured and well-trained for the job to avoid all sorts of problems.

Don’t forget to secure a permit for roof maintenance. This is especially true if a permit is a primary requirement by your city’s building department.

If we’re to sum up roof maintenance 101, we can bring it down to three things:

  1. Don’t ignore your roof, or risk paying big for replacement and major overhaul.
  2. Avoid DIY repairs as much as possible, even when you’re a handy homeowner.
  3. If you want to hire someone to do the work, hire only professionals.

Roof maintenance can save you tons of money, which is why it should be part of your home care routine if you have one. If you don’t, find a company that offers roof maintenance programs.