Looking for Unique Home Decorations?

Your home may have some recyclable materials laying around, but you don’t need to add more to landfills, try reusing or re-purposing recyclable materials around your home. Those that you can’t reuse, you can send to recycling collection, provided that they are deemed acceptable.

Recyclable or not, there are plenty of craft ideas that can turn garbage into something useful. You owe it to your environment to give new life to things destined for the garbage bin.

Recyclable materials turned home decorations


Clean it up, add a frame or base, then finish and polish, and you can turn a pallet into a coffee table or a side table for your living room and bedroom, respectively. String it up and hung up a bar and you can have your very own outdoor swing. There’s just plenty you can do with a pallet, if you let your imagination run wild.

Fruit boxes

Whether made of wood or plastic, fruit boxes can be repurposed as a shelf or some other functional furniture item. Prop it up with legs from a broken chair and you can turn it into a console table. Mount several of them on the wall to create an open shelf or a display case.

Glass jars

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you can do with glass jars, because they’re practically one of the few things around the house that are popularly repurposed. Instead of just using it as a food container, however, you can make lanterns out of them by adding a candle or battery-operated light and then hung them on trees. Line them up along the path, and they can turn an outdoor area into something magical and romantic.

Tin cans

Similar to glass jars, tin cans are also recycled into many things. Once it’s properly cleaned, with the labels removed, and then painted with any color you like, you can use them as flower pots. They make a great option for when you’re starting a vertical garden.

Plastic bottles

What can you do with plastic bottles other than dumping them in the waste bin? Plenty actually. You’ve probably heard about a house made entirely of plastic bottles. In your own little way, you can use them as pots for plants, a canister of sort, jewelry stand, or even a Christmas tree. The internet is overflowing with ideas to repurpose plastic bottles, including the bottle caps. You just need to find one that will fill a particular need in your home.

Old basket

Don’t throw away old baskets. You can use them to set up a recycling and a segregation station with baskets as bins. If they still look beautiful with only a few damages, no one would suspect they’re designed for garbage recycling and segregation.

Think of creative ideas and make time to repurpose recyclable materials around your home, so you can reduce the amount of things you throw in the garbage.