Preparing the Kids’ School Gear and Storage

It’s that time of year again where children are going back to school and parents are gearing towards another round of crazy mornings. Not to mention, the house will be subject to school related clutter again. So if you want to be more organized this school year, here are some tips to achieve just that.

Create a school bag nook

The first items that can throw your house into disarray are the school bags. To ensure they will not be left on kitchen tables or lying anywhere, create a school bag area for the kids. The hallway can be a great place to designate this nook. Choose one that is not located on main areas so a hallway leading to the laundry room or garage is ideal.

Simply install wooden hooks on the wall and your children’s bags can’t be found lying around on the floor any more. Or if the kids’ bags are heavier, you can use a more solid material such as old drawers or stylish school bag hangers as storage.

Divide the junk drawer with labels

Even if it’s just a junk drawer, organizing it would make wonders in lessening clutter. Inform everyone in the family that you are going to divide the junk drawer into different areas. There’s one for wallets, hats, umbrellas and any other items that are usually scattered around by the kids.

You can use spring loaded drawers as dividers. Finish off with adhesive label for each compartment. To make this more effective, get the children to help out when designating the spaces for each item so that they’ll easily remember where to put their belongings.

Hang each of their clothes the night before

Helping one child to get dressed can be manageable but if there are 3 or 4 of them, getting everyone to be made up on time is a futile attempt. That’s why the ‘helping hand’ will again do wonders in this situation. The night before, get your children to help out what they will like to wear for school the next day.

If they have school uniforms, the easier because you only have to prepare the socks, undies and other necessities. So in the morning, all you have to do is instruct them to find their clothes in the wardrobe and they will get dressed accordingly. Trust us, this can save valuable 15 minutes of your time.

Give children a morning checklist

Getting them to wake up can be very hard. So if they are in the age where they don’t listen to Mum and Dad anymore, you can get help from their favorite cartoon character. For example, an alarm clock with Mickey Mouse or Spiderman on its face can urge them to get up right away.

Get them to brush their teeth before they change to school uniforms. This way, they will not have to change again when blobs of toothpaste and other dirt particles land on their bodies.

Prepare lunchboxes the night before

Aside from having a weekly lunch plan, preparing the lunchbox at night is a big help in the mornings. If you have 2 or 3 kids, you can ask them for help on what kind of foods they would like for the next day.