Billie - Rykon Staff

Spotlight: Billie Begley

Who is Billie?

Q: Where were you born and raised?
Born in coal mining town (Bowhill, Scotland). Moved to Richmond, BC at age of 3

Q: What hobbies do you do with your spare time in Kelowna?
Hockey & Walking/ Hiking. Time with grand kids and Friday night movie and date night with my hubby.

Q: What is your favorite community/area of Kelowna and why?
Wilden – Love the trees/ pathways

Q: What area of Kelowna do you live in?
Glenmore area

Q: What is your favorite season and why?
Summer – Love the lake, walking

Q: What is your proudest moment?
Probably with my kids, they are are grown but each of them has won a sports championship of some sort.
Then the birth of our grand children

Billie and Rykon

Project Coordinator

Q: How long have you worked for Rykon?
Almost 8 years

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?
Clients – I love working with homeowners, especially the brand new first timers. They bring such excitement to the build and are so great-full for any advice.

Q: When would a client most likely come in contact with you at Rykon?
Right away – We would review their budget and make sure their expectations are what we are delivering.

Q: What is your favorite style of home?
Walkout Rancher

Q: Tell us something humorous about your job or that’s happened at work?
I can’t give away any clients secrets! So probably the day I slid down a slope, heading for a cliff with a 100 foot drop, but I held the client binder above my head to save the binder!

Mixing It Up

If it was my last day on earth I would?
Spend it with my family reminiscing about things we have done and watch the sunset.

Most desirable place to holiday/ travel? Why?
Caribbean – I love to cruise, you see so many different places and meet so many different people

Summer activity that your are most pumped about?
Hiking, especially if its an area where you can see the lake like Hiking the trail to Paul’s Tomb

Rapid Fire!

Car or Truck? – Car
House or Condo? – House
Call or Text? – Call
Wine of Beer ? – Wine
Chips or Chocolate? – Chocolate
Soup or Salad? – Soup
Tim’s or Starbucks? Tims
Beach or Big White – Beach
Mexico or Hawaii? – Hawaii
Morning or Evening? – Morning
Books or Movies? – Movies
Favorite Season – Summer
Preferred Sport – Hockey



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