Lyle Lindsay - Rykon Staff

Spotlight: Lyle Lindsay

Who is Lyle?

Q: Where were you born and raised?
Provost, Alberta (Redneck)

Q: What hobbies do you do with your spare time in Kelowna?
Spend time with my wife, gardening, and occasionally wood carving

Q: What is your favorite community/area of Kelowna and why?
Wilden – Quiet & close to everything
(ie: downtown,  airport and shopping)

Q: What area of Kelowna do you live in?
Wilden – North Glenmore

Q: What is your favorite season and why?
Spring – Everything starts a new & its not too hot or too cold

Q: What is your proudest moment?
Marrying my wife & winning the 2007 Gold Tommie for excellence in Customer Service

Lyle and Rykon

Q: How long have you worked for Rykon?
3 plus years

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?
Doing something different everyday

Q: When would a client most likely come in contact with you at Rykon?
On a 1 year warranty or service

Q: What is your favorite style of home?

Q: Tell us something humorous about your job or that’s happened at work?
It’s all business!


White or Red? – Red
Water or Wine? – Wine
Call or Text? – Call
Facebook or Twitter? – Neither
Hockey or Golf? – Golf
Car or Truck? – Truck
House or Condo? – House
Chips or Chocolate? – Chocolate
Warm or Cool? – Warm
Pool or Beach? – Beach
Mexico or Hawaii? – Hawaii
Spring or Fall? – Spring
Morning or Evening? – Evening
Soup or Salad? – Soup
Books or Movies? – Books
Snow or Sun? – Sun
Coffee or Tea? – Tea
Blonde or Brunette? – Blonde
Holiday or Adventure? – Holiday

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